Åbo Svenska Teater (the Swedish speaking theatre in Turku) is a traditional repertoire theatre. We have lots of different performances in our repertoire; plays, musicals, drama, concerts, dance performances, comedy and more. Most of our productions are performed in Swedish. We usually have surtitles both in Finnish and Swedish.



MUSICAL DRAMA A delicious and enthralling story about the most dangerous of monsters - and about vampires. Opening night on the Main stage 15.9.2022 at 7 pm.



MUSIC Jazz nights at Cafe Tiljan.
3rd of February at 10 pm:  Antti Lötjönen Quintet East
31st of March at 7 pm: Signe feat. Mila Laine



DRAMA A compelling drama about two of the numerous shipwrecks outside the island of Utö. Opening night at the Studio stage 30.1.2023 at 6 pm.



DRAMA What makes a human being human?. Opening night at the Studio stage 8.3.2023 at 7 pm.



DRAMA Matchbox Company’s Woyzeck/Marie is a performance of the physical theatre genre, where physical expression is created by a combination of different styles and techniques. The performance is loosely based on the classic play Woyzeck and other plays by Georg Büchner. On the Studio stage 18.2.2023 at 6 pm.


SPÖKSONATEN (The Ghost Sonata)

DRAMA August Strindberg's classic, in an interpretation combining magic, manipulation and illusions with the dreamklike dance of physical theatre. On the Studio stage 3.3.2023 at 7 pm and 4.3.2023 at 2 pm.



MUSIC The world renowned a capella group visits Turku! On the Main stage 15.3.2023 at 7 pm.



DRAMA A story telling performance by and with Erik Kiviniemi.  25.3.2023 at 6 pm.



DRAMA A grand and visual drama about class differences and climate change. On the Main stage 1.4.2023 at 7 pm.



MUSIC Mia Hafrén released her debut album Också för dig in March 2022 and is now together with her band visiting ÅST to perform the pop/rock songs live. The artist is known from the a capella band Fork. On the Main stage 15.4.2023 at 6 pm.



MUSIC 70’s retro vives, live projections and indie-reggae in Finnish-Swedish language! Bubbeli (Sebastian Lindgren) plays an unique duo-concert together with Axel Riderg. During the evening Bubbeli will play his most important songs from his career, but in a new exciting way. On the Tiljan stage 22.4.2023 at 6 pm.



DRAMA In Julius Caesar tragedy and comedy combines with blank verse and sparkly togas. On the Main stage 29.4.2023 at 6 pm.



MUSICAL A musical performance about being young today. The world is spinning faster and faster. A new frightening and fragile friendship is developing between Liv and Abbe. Everything has to come to an end before it all makes sense again. On the Main stage 4.5.2023 at 7 pm.