Åbo Svenska Teater (the Swedish speaking theatre in Turku) is a traditional repertoire theatre. We have lots of different performances in our repertoire; plays, musicals, drama, concerts, dance performances, comedy and more. Most of our productions are performed in Swedish. We usually have surtitles both in Finnish and Swedish.



DRAMACOMEDY A genious, brilliant and entertaining show, one of the most seen and beloved Sherlock Holmes plays. Opening night on the Main stage 6.2.2020 at 6 pm.



FOR FAMILIES An adventure in Finland during the 16th -19th century filled with newly composed music. Opening night on the Main stage 14.11.2020 at 6 pm.


NÄR FARFAR BLEV ETT SPÖKE (When Grandfather Became a Ghost)

FOR CHILDREN About memories and saying goodbye. Opening night on the Studio stage 3.9.2020 at 10 am.


KÄRLEKSBREV (Love Letters)

DRAMA A quiet story about two people and their deliberate and subconscious choices during a time period of 52 years. Sometimes, we don't see the deeper consequenses of our choices before it's too late. On the Main stage 7.10.2020 and 29.10.2020 at 7 pm and on tour.

Flame Jazz

MUSIC Jazz nights at Cafe Tiljan.
19th of February at 10 pm: Pauli Lyytinen Magnetia Orkesteri
7th of May at 10 pm: Lucia Kadotch Speak Low II (CH/SE)


MIN ÄLSKADE FÖRSTÅR INTE ALLS POESI (My Beloved Does not Understand Poetry at All)

MUSIC A night of songs that analyse the theme of relationships with humour, grief, joy, excitement, irony, and excitement. On the Tiljan stage on the 15th of January at 7 pm.


EN FÖRSVARARES DÅRTAL (The Foolishness of a Defender)

MONOLOGUE The B-celebrity Siri von Essen is scheduled for a club appearance, gets drunk, sings karaoke, is insightful, bitter, tragical, farcical. The play exposes the conventions and terms to which women in entertainment have been limited over the years. On the Studio stage 23.1.2021 and 30.1.2021 at 6 pm.



DRAMA This carnivalesque interpretation of William Shakespeare´s classic honors the original language and text, while bringing the age old questions of power and honor to a present day context. Tragedy, comedy, blank verse and glitter toga. On the Main stage 24.2.2021 at 7 pm.



MUSIC As a child Johanna Ringbom was deeply impressed by Piaf. In the show she tells about her childhood and Piaf. On the Tiljan stage 26.2.2021 at 7 pm and 6.3.2021 at 6 pm.



MONOLOGUE A humorous and painful story about love, loneliness, expectations and disappointments. On the Main stage 12.3.2021 at 7 pm and 13.3.2021 at 2 pm.



MUSIC Henrik Sandås Quintet is a modern finnish tango quintet formed in 2020 by five strong and unique musicians. The group presents a setting of soulful interpretations, virtuosity and improvisation with an unmistakable tango groove in the footsteps of Astor Piazzolla. On the Main stage 27.3.2021 at 6 pm.


FLAMME + BEBBE = SANT! (Flamme + Bebbe = True!)

MUSIC Trio Flamme sings writer/composer Bengt Alhfors´ pieces together with Ahlfors himself. On the Tiljan stage on the 7th of April at 7 pm.



COMEDY The third work by Blaue Frau that is based on the text and the cartoons by Nina Hemmingsson, this time together with Gunnar Lundkvist’s work, who is behind the dark cartoons of Klas Katt. On the Studio stage 9.4.2021 at 7 pm and 10.4.2021 at 6 pm.


ETT DOCKHEM (A Doll's House)

DRAMA Teater Alandica presents one of the world's most performed plays! On the Main stage 17.4.2021 at 3 pm.


DET LIV SOM BLIVIT MIG GIVET (The Life that I've Been Given)

MONOLOGUE Det liv som blivit mig givet is an award-winning monologue on identity, trans issues and turning your hardships to strength and sources of happiness. It´s an important, uplifting and playful piece that has been named Monologue of The Year, and has earned its actor Miiko Toiviainen the titel Theatre Actor of The Year. On the Studio stage 23.4.2021.


EROICA - MATINÉ FRÅN WIEN (Eroica - a Viennese Matinee)

MUSIC Akademiska Orkestern with Sauli Huhtala as conductor and with violin soloist Reetta-Liina Armio performs Eroica, symphony no. 3 by Ludwig van Beethoven, and romance no. 2 in F major. On the Main stage 8.5.2021 at 2 pm.



OPERA The two operas bring big feelings to the stage! Only 10 performances on the Main stage 8.4-29.4.2021.

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