Åbo Svenska Teater (the Swedish speaking theatre in Turku) is a traditional repertoire theatre. We have lots of different performances in our repertoire; plays, musicals, drama, concerts, dance performances, comedy and more. Most of our productions are performed in Swedish. We usually have surtitles both in Finnish and Swedish.


HEMÅT ÖVER ISEN (Homeward Across the Ice)

DRAMA A story about young love that could turn into middle age love, about parents that let you down and about a flock of chickens that meddle in everybody´s affairs. Opening night on the Main stage 12.9.2020 at 6 pm.


FOR FAMILIES An adventure in Finland during the 16th -19th century filled with newly composed music. Opening night on the Main stage 14.11.2020 at 6 pm.


NÄR FARFAR BLEV ETT SPÖKE (When Grandfather Became a Ghost)

FOR CHILDREN About memories and saying goodbye. Opening night on the Studio stage 3.9.2020 at 10 am.



OPERA The two operas bring big feelings to the stage! Only 10 performances on the Main stage 8.4-29.4.2021.


ALLT SOM ÄR UNDERBART (Every Brilliant Thing)

MONOLOGUE A touching, funny and intimate solo piece that charts the lengths we will go for those we love. On the Studio stage 11.11.2020 at 7 pm and 5.12.2020 at 2 pm, and on tour.


KÄRLEKSBREV (Love Letters)

DRAMA A quiet story about two people and their deliberate and subconscious choices during a time period of 52 years. Sometimes, we don't see the deeper consequenses of our choices before it's too late. On the Main stage 7.10.2020 and 29.10.2020 at 7 pm and on tour.

Flame Jazz

MUSIC Jazz nights at Cafe Tiljan.
2th of October at 10 pm: Antti Lötjönen Quintet East
4th of December at 10 pm: Jukka Perko Early Bird



MUSIC The music of Vladimir Vysotskij. On the Tiljan stage 3rd of October at 2 pm.



MUSIC The music of the legendary Michel Legrand. On the Studio stage 10th of October at 6 pm.



MUSIC An anniversary consert for the composer Kaj Chydenius, who turns 80 years! On the Main stage on the 16th of October at 7 pm.


FLAMME + BEBBE = SANT! (Flamme + Bebbe = True!)

MUSIC Trio Flamme sings writer/composer Bengt Alhfors´ pieces together with Ahlfors himself. On the Tiljan stage on the 24th och October and 14th och November at 2 pm.


FÖR ATT DU ÄR MIN (Because You're Mine)

DRAMA About love and finding the truth, and about power and self deception. On the Studio stage on the 6th of November at 7 pm and the 7th of November at 3 pm.


BELLMAN 280 ÅR (Bellman 280 Years)

MUSIC Carl Gustaf Bellman´s songs. On the Tiljan stage on the 28th of November at 6 pm.


TEATERNS JULKONSERT (The Theatre´s Christmas Concert)

MUSIC Christmas concert with many familiar artists on stage. On the Main stage on the 12th of December at 1 pm.