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The last performances of Something Rotten! 26.4 & 27.4! Buy tickets!


Service fees

Individual tickets:
0-9,99 €/ticket: 1,60 €/ticket
10-24,99 €/ticket: 2,60 €/ticket 
25-29,99 €/ticket: 3,10 €/ticket
30-34,99 €/ticket: 3,60 €/ticket
35-44,99 €/ticket: 4,10 €/ticket
45 € -/ticket: 4,60 €/ticket

Additional charges may apply.

Ticket prices for our shows are listed on the show’s own page.

Theatre professionals may book industry tickets directly from our sales assistant at

Members of the media who do not intend to cover a play in any media are eligible for a standard press discount of 50% off the regular price. Please note that the press discount cannot be booked online and does not apply to groups. Journalist groups are kindly requested to contact group sales at (02) 277 7379.